About us

We are Cliente y Medio, since 1998 there’s a great background behind us plenty of enormous satisfaction accompanying and supporting our clients, this has always encouraged us being ahead in order to manage any advertising necessities on the current times.

There’s no exception now, our world has changed… our habits and cultural costumes have turned unexpectedly so it made us understand the market and its consumers.

Because all of this, along with our digital creator’s team we’ve prepared ourselves just for you and this new advertising stage.

Cliente y Medio has a wide experience on Strategy Planning and  Big Advertising Project’s Full Execution, our team has specialized on Communication Projects along the right strategy and attached to our client’s product/service necessities, containing the ideal message and taking care of every single detail in terms of Audiovisual Communication.

Our skills?

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Creative Design

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Content implementation

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We count on a content creator (or hundreds!) for your brand.

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Content’s Design & Strategy (based on market’s trending)

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Content production

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We get content creator’s top results

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We create implementations in order to obtain KPIs

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We assure to optimize all planning media (both quality/quantity) for campaign’s scopes.


We have the right talent to communicate through e-Commerce your campaigns the right way! On any platform you’re involved in.

We understand you need improve sales and, in order to get them, we know how to work along with influencers.

Our talent crew knows how to produce the ideal content and our advertising team assures everything’s in the right place from beginning to the end.

Strategy – campaign’s design – communication – metrics – target – links – Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) – Urching Tracking Module (UTM/swipe up)

Brand Management

We are aware how important is to choose wisely brand ambassadors, whom have a background, the right moment of their careers, image congruence, brand affinity, among others to take care of, aiming for advertise or promote your product/service. Thus, we provide metrics about our talent crew so you can take the right choice.

For this very reason, Cliente y Medio offers you the best talent crew for your necessities on brand’s activation matters.

Why you should choose us?

0 years of experience on brand promotion are behind us.

We have local operations mainly in Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and Argentina with expansion plans to European and Asian market coming soon.





Contact us and venture into the Influencers World and achieve your sales goals!

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  • Valencia #53, Colonia Insurgentes Mixcoac, C.P.03920 Ciudad de México, CDMX
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